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Q: What is the Energy Choice program?

A: Now you can choose the company that provides your electric generation supply – just as you can shop for other products and services. The Energy Choice program provides information to help you make the decision that is right for you. Many things, including delivery, remain the same. For example, if you choose a third-party supplier, your local utility company will continue to deliver the electric service to your home or business. One of the most important benefits of energy choice is that it allows you shop for your electric generation supplier, which, in turn, gives you the opportunity to select a supplier based on what is important to you. For example, you might simply want the lowest price, so you would select the supplier with the lowest charge. Or, you might want to make a choice based on how the electric generation supply is produced, green energy versus coal generation. .

Q: What is my Price to Compare??

A: The Price to Compare is the price consumers pay for Basic Generation Service (BGS) from the current Utility Company. The price to compare includes the cost of energy, capacity, transmission, ancillary services, line losses, state tax. Customers will save money if they can find a third-party supplier to sell them electricity and transmission service for a price that is less than the Price to Compare – that is, less than the price for BGS.

Q: What is Basic Generation Service?

A: Basic Generation Service (BGS) is the default service provided to consumers who do not choose a third-party supplier or who cannot find a supplier willing to sell them electricity. Through a competitive auction process, your local utility company procures electric generation supply to meet the needs of their BGS customers.

Q: Does everyone have the option to choose a new electricity provider?

A: No. City-owned utilities and member-owned electric cooperatives have the option to provide their customers a choice of providers but are not required to do so.

Q: Will my electric service continue to be reliable?

A: Yes. Regardless of which company supplies you with electric generation, local distribution companies, like your local utility company will continue to deliver your electricity. This service is regulated by federal and state agencies to ensure that the reliability and safety of your electric service adheres to strict standards.

Q: Whom do I call if my power goes off?

A: Your local utility company is responsible for restoring service during outages to all customers in that service area regardless of which supplier has been chosen.

Q: Who will read my electric meter and bill me for the electricity I use?

A: Your local utility company will continue to read electric meters for all customers within that service area. Customers who purchase their electricity from a third-party supplier can choose to receive one bill from that includes their supplier’s charges (subject to satisfactory bill payment history) or to receive separate bills – one from their local utility company and one from their supplier. Customers who do not choose a supplier will continue to receive one bill from their local utility company that reflects all charges for their electric service.

Q: Why use Regional Resources Energy Group LLC?

A: As Energy experts that understand the intricacies of an ever changing commodity market, we work to design products and solutions from our portfolio of energy suppliers that will be tailored made to fit YOUR special needs and risk tolerances. With the RRMI approach, save yourself time and money by negotiating with multiple energy providers on your behalf to obtain the best terms and rates. With the RRMI Team – continue to serve yourself post-contract by securing ongoing market intelligence, working with your current electric supplier in managing your account, and seeking additional opportunities for operational efficiency which in turn will reduce energy costs.


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