Our Approach

REGIONAL RESOURCES ENERGY GROUP, LLC was created to assist with the “Energy Choice” program now available to residents, companies, businesses and government entities alike. “Energy Choice” program was designed to lower costs associated with energy consumption and to inspire new markets through trade and competition. Although, it is not available everywhere, approximately 30 U.S. States are currently experiencing deregulation in some form. Various territories and multiple utilities have regulatory complexities relative to energy deregulation. Our energy specialists possess the industry experience and knowledge to plot the proper strategy and procedure to reduce costs associated with energy supply.

Our core business function, is to lower monthly costs associated with electric and gas consumption. We specialize in reducing these costs by assuming the role of agent/broker/aggregate and shopping your company’s energy demand/usage to our portfolio of state licensed and approved Energy Suppliers.

These Suppliers actually produce/manufacture the energy and sell it to the grid that currently serves your utility location. Our portfolio is composed of the industry leaders, Fortune 500 companies, Forbes 50 companies and the like.

The mission of Regional Resources is ultimately, to procure an alternative energy supplier that can better serve your company at a reduced rate per kilowatt. Thereby, lowering your company’s overhead by reducing monthly costs and expenditures, with immediate results.

Regional Resources would like the opportunity to perform an energy savings analysis for your company, in an effort to explore reducing the costs associated with energy consumption. We are currently experiencing savings ranging from 12 to 34 percent per year… That translates into some fairly significant yearly savings. (We can boast that we have had the pleasure of saving multiple companies in excess of $500,000 dollars a year, per location..!)

Keep in mind, there are ABSOLUTELY ‘NO’ INTERRUPTIONS to your service and at no time will there be a need to physically alter anything on the premises… Any and all changes are in the billing process only.

Subsequently, the utility provider will remain the same at each location in your corporate footprint. The ONLY change will be that your company will immediately begin saving money on their monthly billing statements.

There are ‘NO’ surprises, pass-through fees, band width restrictions, and/or hidden costs associated with this process. Frequently, we place our customers with what is known in the industry as a ‘fixed price’ component, this insures stability and guarantees historical savings. Additionally, this allows for company’s to manage their savings expectations, however, variable pricing and other alternatives are available to meet the specific needs and challenges associated with individual usage.

Regional Resources will significantly and substantially reduce your company’s monthly expenses/costs relative to ‘price per unit’ of their electric and gas utilities. We can produce a list of references from various respected institutions, municipalities, and other credible sources to substantiate our claims.

Please take a moment to review the attachments and consider setting an appointment to begin the reduction process. Markets are at an all-time three year low.